Improve your staff motivation and watch your business thrive.

Performance in any organisation depends upon the right direction, the appropriate skills and massive amounts of motivation. Partners In Motivation provide the solution to what is probably the most difficult of these three to manage and sustain - MOTIVATION.


We are experts in the study of Motivation and help build business success and profits by improving staff and team motivation.

Did you know that there are 9 core reasons why we go to work and only 1 of them has anything whatsoever to do with money ?

Surprised ?

With the breakthroughs being made in the study of Motivation, we can now :

The Motivational Map®, an on-line diagnostic tool, provides an accurate ten page report which is used to help people understand their own individual Internal Motivational Drivers. From this report we know what they really need from their work to be happy and fulfilled. Understanding exactly what motivates individuals in an organisation can be used to magnificent effect in such areas as :-

Partners In Motivation work closely with business leaders, managers, employers and individuals, helping them to recognise that Motivation is key to unlocking enhanced personal power, outstanding performance and professional excellence. Our areas of expertise include:

  1. CAREER MANAGEMENT When we are happy, motivated and fulfilled at work, we tend to take those feelings home with us. The benefits of being in the right job and having a happy and fulfilling career go way beyond our working day. Relationships at home, quality of life and self esteem are magnificently enhanced. What a shame that 85% of all people between the ages of 25 and 55 when asked, said that they were in the "WRONG JOB" Partners In Motivation can help.
  2. RECRUITMENT & SELECTION The wrong person in the wrong job is no good to either the individual or the organisation. A key ingredient to employee retention is to "employ the right person in the first place". Since 60% of all new employees leave their post within the first six months, choosing the right applicant has never been more important. Partners In Motivation can help.
  3. TALENT MANAGEMENT Imagine if you could know precisely what motivates each of your key staff about their work. If you knew exactly what motivated them, you could learn to relate to them in ways that would tend to enhance their motivation and not diminish it. Staff Retention would be massively improved. Partners In Motivation can help.
  4. TEAMS & WORK GROUPS What if you could know precisely what motivates each of the members of your Sales Team, Management Team, or Finance Team about their work. Being armed with that quality information, targeted incentive and reward strategies could be developed leading to their enhanced motivation. The productivity of the team would improve exponentially. Partners In Motivation can help.

If you would like to have an experience of what Partners In Motivation can do for you and your company using Motivational Maps®, you can complete our on-line diagnostic tool right now. It takes only 15-20 minutes and you will receive a 99.9% accurate 10-page report detailing your own individual internal motivational drivers so you can recognise what you really need from your work to be happy and fulfilled. That's just one of the benefits of having your own personal map. A fuller understanding of how you and your organisation might use this powerful resource will come from the 20 minute telephone consultation afterwards.

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