Nick Ratcliffe

During a period spanning almost 25 years Nick has charted his personal growth and development through such diverse activities as developing an international water-sports business & holiday company, recruiting and training a national sales team as Sales Director of a plc, facilitating the dynamics of diverse multicultural groups, presenting workshops & training in the UK, The States and Israel and directing a fundraising company raising money for multiple charities and good causes.

These experiences can appear to be incredibly diverse in nature but there is one constant thread which runs right through the whole of his career to date. Nick's gift is being able to understand the nature of people, their individual process, how they relate to each other and the nature of group dynamics. This common theme is the understanding of people's values, beliefs and attitudes, what motivates them and ultimately how they create their lives from moment to moment.

Ultimately he is fascinated by :

And most importantly

As an NLP Trainer and expert in the field of understanding motivation Nick finds his previous experience in corporate life invaluable when working with businesses who have a mind to invest in their most valuable asset; their people. He has worked extensively with business leaders and senior managers often at Board level as well as with owners and managers of smaller companies and sales teams.

He knows that having highly motivated people working in exactly the right roles has phenomenal benefits for the individual, the organisation and all the people involved.

In an interview with Michael Jackson, Oprah Winfrey asked him "Michael, after all these years, what do you know for sure ?"

Well what I know for sure is this :

Over 25 years, I have worked with SME's, corporations, charitable organisations, public sector, private sector and I can tell you that they all have one fundamental challenge in common. How to maximise the motivation of their people.

They all know that to have focussed, committed, successful, productive, highly motivated staff and to retain them, is absolutely key to the performance of their organisation but mostly, they have no idea how to achieve this. And it's a double win, because having people with that level of energy around their work means that they themselves experience improved health, fulfilment and happiness from their work.

Organisations large and small just need to be shown how, and my quest is to be there when they ask.

"When we fully understand and recognise the truth of our own individual Motivational Drivers and make a conscious choice to work in a role where each of our unique drivers are perfectly satisfied, then we can quite naturally enjoy improved health, happiness and fulfilment through enhanced personal power, outstanding performance & professional excellence."