Motivational Maps

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Over the last five years over 10,000 people have completed the Motivational Map® on-line diagnostic tool and received their clear and easy to understand 10 page report which with 99.9% accuracy, reveals the person's key motivational drivers around work.

The information contained in the report is massively useful to individuals, businesses and organisations when used in such areas as Career Management, Recruitment & Selection, Talent Management and with Teams & Work Groups. The Result :

In the UK today there are over 100 Authorised Practitioners working and using the Motivational Map® technology for the benefit organisations & companies in many market sectors. Around a dozen of those practitioners are Business Practitioners, licensed to teach and train others in the use of the Motivational Map technology.

Partners in Motivation was appointed Business Practitioners in July 2010

In 2010 the Motivational Map service was launched in South Africa, Ireland and Italy with other countries soon to come on stream.