The wrong person in the wrong job is no good to either the individual or the organisation. A key ingredient to employee retention is to "employ the right person in the first place".

Looking at a CV for evidence of the relevant skill set and previous experience is important but in business today, this is not enough.

What one can't tell for sure, even from the interview, is whether the applicant definitely has the temperament, attitude and motivation to be successful.

RESULT: 60% of all new employees leave their post within the first six months.

A major high street bank published a report stating that the average cost of recruiting was £4,700 per person.

So choosing the wrong person ..... again, only to see them leave and need replacing, is expensive, not to mention time consuming and potentially damaging to the business whilst operating without that key person in post and contributing.

Understanding the individual's set of unique motivational drivers is absolutely essential to the modern day recruitment process and will dramatically improve any HR team or interview panel's ability to select the right person for the job. In the past, a person's true motivational drivers have been difficult to identify let alone measure. NOW WE CAN DO BOTH.

Using our on-line diagnostic tool which takes 15-20 minutes to complete and provides a 99.9% accurate ten page report, we help people to understand their own individual Internal Motivational Drivers so that they can recognise what they really need from their work. Armed with this understanding we help businesses to identify the very best applicant for an advertised position by studying the motivational drivers of those shortlisted before the final interviews, leading to the most perfect fit.

Identifying the perfect Square Peg for a perfect Square Hole in the workplace - the right person for the job has phenomenal benefits for both the success of the business and all the people involved. The business gains a focussed, committed, successful, productive and highly motivated new member of staff and the successful candidate experiences improved health, fulfilment and happiness from their work.

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An Individuals Motivation can now be precisely identified and measured ! As experts in the field of understanding motivation it is our mission to work closely with business leaders, managers, employers and individuals, helping them to recognise that Motivation is key to unlocking Enhanced personal power, Outstanding performance and Professional excellence.